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Speed of setup :

Each installation is set up to individual site requirements. This is a 2-3 day process, and provides you with a complete working system at this time. This is a MAJOR benefit to you as a user. So you are not waiting many months to reach the point where you have a correctly functioning solution.

Cost :

The price quoted is an all-inclusive cost. All training and set up is done “on site" (broadband internet connection is required). There is no requirement for you to have training done outside of your area. This provides for the least possible disruption to normal business activity. Also, various payment options are available. On rare occasions some sites have required extra “on site” training. This is charged for as an extra. The main reasons for this are: an extensive library rebuild because of new design considerations a computer hardware configuration change — such as moving to a network etc new staff — requiring expert training simply a refresher course — or wanting to move to a more in depth understanding covering difficult planning issues. I must stress that this is RARE.

Integration :

Our software is a completely integrated package. This means that all software is combined in one package including design / parts calculation / costing / material optimizing. There is no requirement to rely on anyone outside your business to provide any of the answers you need. All you do is create the design, and the rest of the information is automatically generated in a matter of minutes on your own computer.

Creativity :

Our software is completely flexible in its design capabilities, enabling you to illustrate correctly to your customer the design concepts you need to achieve.

User Friendly :

The system is a 100% Windows product developed only for use on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and is simple to learn and operate. There are no difficult technical issues. New cabinetry can be added easily by you when required. This is also a major benefit overlooked by some prospective clients. Many designs require unique cabinets. You must have the ability to create these “on site”, rather than having to go back to your software supplier (time consuming AND costly).